Thursday, May 19, 2005

Conference in Portland

When will folks be arriving in Portland? My flight will arrive a little before noon, so I should check in to the hotel in the early afternoon on Thursday. Should we try to touch base with one another some time that afternoon? The schedule shows an opening plenary beginning at 4 pm. If others will be around, perhaps we could meet prior to then. Other possibilities include: after dinner ends at 8:30 pm on Thursday, after 5:30 pm on Friday, during team time on Saturday 3:15 - 5 pm or after closing plenary ends at 6 pm on Saturday. I will be flying home early on Sunday morning. We should probably shoot for having something to talk about when we do meet, that is, have some thoughts/plans/ etc. conceived between now and then, so the time together is more productive. Your thoughts?


Blogger Jackie Tisdell said...

I arrive around noon on Thursday and leave first thing Sunday. I agree we definitely should meet prior to our small group meetings Saturday.

3:46 PM  

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