Tuesday, November 08, 2005

ADP South Conference Nov 10-12

The First Annual ADP South Conference is upon us. It is the night before I drive to Atlanta from my home in Jackson, Tennessee. Jackie Tisdell and Gene Hatfield have been incredible partners in this effort. I wish you all teammates like these.

My respect for George Mehaffey and Mary-Kathryn McKenna is much greater after helping plan this conference. Their conferences have been much more elaborate and attended by many more and they make it look so easy.

It appears a large number of students will be joining us in Atlanta. And with this in mind, I must single out Morehead State University. If it is an ADP meeting, you can bet Morehead students will be present in droves. Something is being done right on that campus.

By the time you read this, the conference will be underway or already come and gone, but I want you to know my deep gratitude for helping sustain this dream...giving us all the chance to do something significant for the generation of young people we are now serving.

See you in Atlanta


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